Affiliate Ad Services

We operate one of the only Ad server platforms in SWFL. This state of the art server allows us manage digital ads over a broad network of websites throughout SWFL and anywhere in the world. We have the ability to measure your ad performance and provide automated email updates. We also have the ability to geo-target your ads to specific Country, State, City or region. Our system allows us to push your ad specifically to a website or group of websites that reach the perfect target for your audience.

Create Revenue

If you own and operate an active website or blog and have at least 500 visitors each month we can show you how to monetize your site with no cost to you, in fact you have the ability to sell ads that can appear on your site as well as across our digital network. Position your customers for success by leveaging the power of the largest digital network in SWFL.

Business Owners

Have your ad seen by your perfect customers on our network of the most popular targeted digital platforms across SWFL.

For any business category, we can create a customized plan designed to reach your potential customer, based on your business objectives.

COMING SOON ...We are also working on partnerships with website operators throughout the country in the primary snowbird areas, Midwest and Northeast, allowing you to target the snowbird audience before they arrive,

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